Honey for Allergies

Honey for Allergies and Cough

Local Honey for Allergies
Honey not only spoils our tongue with sweetness. Many of the benefits provided honey for our health. One can help to overcome cough and allergies.

Antibacterial properties
many centuries of traditional medicine use honey for healing. It turns out that modern research proves honey is beneficial for our health. Research shows honey has antibacterial properties. The study ever conducted on manuka honey from New Zealand. The famous honey could actually destroy certain skin bacteria.
In addition, honey also contains hydrogen peroxide which helps healing wounds. The darker the color of honey indicate the greater the antioxidant and antibacterial honey benefits.

Honey for Allergies
One form of allergy is sneezing because of pollen. For these types of allergies, local honey can help overcome them. Honey containing pollen from plants. Many people consider it so pollen enhancing natural immunity to allergic reactions to plant pollen is the same. Eating two to three tablespoons of honey every day can reduce pain due to hay fever.

Helping Overcome Cough
Studies show it can help overcome honey for cough at night in children. Just one tablespoon of honey could make your baby calm down and sleep soundly at night.

Rich in Antioxidants
Antioxidants are not only found in vegetables and fruit, but also in the honey. Just as dark chocolate and red wine, honey is rich in flavonoid substances that are proven to reduce inflammation and heart disease, decline in cognitive function. Antioxidants are also useful to improve immunity.

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Honey vs Sugar

Honey vs Sugar - What sets it apart?

Honey vs Sugar
Both sweeteners contain glucose and fructose. But sugar, in the manufacturing process, organic acids, protein, nitrogen elements, enzymes and vitamins in damaged cane, whereas honey, a natural sweetener, only experienced minimal heating. In addition, honey has certain beneficial antioxidant and anti- bacterial properties that are not found in sugar.
The following are three honey nutrition facts that will make you feel better honey:

One tablespoon of sugar or sucrose contains 46 calories, while one tablespoon of honey has 64 calories natural sweetener. Though honey may have more calories, we actually need to use less of it because it tastes sweeter than table sugar. As a result, you will likely consume fewer calories than when using sugar. And in the long run even though honey is more expensive, it may be more economical than table sugar. I was surprised when I first know how many sugars I consume when I drank a can of coke - 10 teaspoons, and 50 grams of chocolate - 7 teaspoons!

Table sugar is sucrose, which is composed of two molecules bound together. When we eat table sugar, our stomach should use its own enzymes to separate the resulting molecule - comely before we can use the energy. Honey is very different. Bees have added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides the sucrose into glucose and fructose - two simple sugars for the body so that we can absorb directly.

Unlike honey, table sugar contains minerals and vitamins bit ( as it is often called empty calories ), they utilize the body's nutrients to be metabolized into the system. When these nutrients are all used, the metabolism of cholesterol and fatty acids inhibited undesirable, contributing to rising levels of cholesterol and promoting obesity due to higher fatty acid on the organs and tissues. That's why obese people usually suffer from malnutrition and other related health problems.


Honey vs. sugar, if you pay attention to your weight, honey will be a better choice than sugar. In addition to differences in nutrition, I think sugar can not compete with the taste of honey. Although both are sweet, honey has a unique flavor that is extremely useful and excels in many foods and beverages. Flower honey varieties range is so vast that each one is unique and we can use it to enhance the flavor of various types of food and make it a separate skill.

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Honey Calories

Composition and Honey Calories

Honey Calories Count
Honey contains many minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Vitamins present in honey is thiamin ( B1 ), riboflavin ( B2 ), ascorbic acid ( C ), pyridoxine ( B6 ), niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin K.

Being an important enzyme in honey is enzyme diastase, inverts, glucose oxidize peroxides, and lipase. The enzyme diastase is an enzyme that converts complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) into simple carbohydrates (monosaccharide). Inverts enzyme is an enzyme that breaks down molecules of sucrose into glucose and fructose. Oxidize is an enzyme that helps the oxidation of glucose to peroxide. Peroxides oxidize metabolic process. All of these substances are useful to the body's metabolic processes.

Calories in honey are very large 3,280 cal / kg. 1 kg of honey calorie is value equivalent to 50 chicken eggs, 5.7 liter milk, 25 bananas, 40 oranges, 4 kg of potatoes, and 1.68 kg of meat. Honey has a high carbohydrate content and low in fat. Sugar content in honey is 80 % and 85 % of the sugar in the form of fructose and glucose.

Principal acid in honey is glutamic acid. While the organic acids found in honey acetic acid, butyric acid, format, succinct, glycolic, malic, proglutamat, citrate, and pyruvate.

Chemical composition of honey per 100 Grams are glory honey standard moisture content ranged 17.42 s / d 19 % (meaning that in each 1 cc of honey containing 17.4 % water, 1.42 grams of water weight).

Water content is derived from the nectar of flowers (not mixed with water). The concentration of the water content, makes Honey glory is not uniform consistency, however, the quality and the quality of the honey still guaranteed / warranty, with guaranteed purity 2X money back, meaning that if honey is not original glory and pure (no chemical mixture) with the results of clinical trials for money is being paid to the glory returned twice.

In addition to nectar sources, nutrient / nutrients are in the honey are also determined by the water content contained in the honey. The higher levels of nutrients in the water are decreases. Honey is good according to the national quality standard moisture content of about 17 % to 22 %.

Natural sugar found in honey (called invert sugar, is derived from the nectar of flowers. Has a very high concentration of sugar is fructose and glucose. Sugar in honey can be readily assimilated by the blood in the body.

Benefits of invert sugar are have a very simple chemical composition, immediately assimilated into the blood and immediately produce energy without going through the digestive process.

In addition, honey also contains active compounds called diastase enzyme, is very useful for Preventing and; neutralize harmful bacteria present in the human body, making the body immune from various diseases. It is also prevent and neutralize the harmful bacteria that enter and enrich the content of honey, honey making quality, the longer it is stored the better, there is no limit expired. However, some regulations still require the inclusion limit expires.

Based on research, the honey is safe for consumption by diabetics. Even in general, consumption of honey is very beneficial for people with diabetes to help guard their health and performance of every organ system in the body.

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Honey Recipe

Honey Recipes for Weight Loss

Honey Recipe for Weight Loss
Honey, is a good friend that is useful in reducing excessive weight. Why, instead of honey contains a type of sugar that causes it taste sweet? Honey does contain a type of sugar, but honey also contains vitamins and minerals that the body needs. This is one of the advantages that can be obtained from the honey, and not found in sugar.

In his contribution to weight loss, honey has a role to accelerate the metabolism of the body and nourish the body. It means that honey could accelerate the body's metabolism which allows the body to accelerate the burning of fat. Thus, the nutritional content of honey can burn fat faster without causing the body's nutritional deficiencies.

There is a habit of consuming honey according to people can lose weight. The trick is very simple if want to do every day. There is no research that proves the efficacy of this method, but some people feel this formula is very useful for weight loss programs they are running.

To follow this formula, provide natural honey and cinnamon powder original, and also a cup of warm water. Perform the following steps:
1. take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder on the cup.
2. Mix with a teaspoon of natural honey.
3. Pour warm water into a cup.
4. Stir the mixture until blended.
5. Drink this concoction in the morning on an empty stomach.
6. Have breakfast approximately 30 minutes after sipping this concoction.

Good Luck!

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What is Honey?

What is Honey - a Little Basic Information About Honey

What is Honey Made Off?
Honey is a natural liquid which generally has a sweet taste of honey produced by bees from the nectar of flowers of the plant ( floral nectar ) or other parts of plants (extra floral nectar ) or excretion of insects.

In honey bee colonies, honey actually serves as the main food for the people who live bees in the colony. However, due to the production of honey bees colonies are generally more than they need, so then humans come to take the excess production food of bees for various needs.

In terms of calorie content of honey is not much different with the sugar, one kilogram of honey can provide about 3500 calories while a kilogram of sugar can give you about 3900 calories. Outside the calories in honey is very different from sugar. Here are the points where different honey with sugar.

Honey does not contain harmful chemicals; almost all substances in honey can be absorbed by the body and only less than 1/200 part honey to be disposed of by the body. Sugar is the result of various heating process in which organic acids, proteins, enzymes and vitamins that exist in nature ( cane or beat) extracted or damaged and even harmful ingredients such as hydrochloric, phosphoric and sulfuric acids go into sugar in the manufacturing process.

Honey is a natural sweetener that the manufacturing process does not involve human touch. Sugar is the process of concentration, denaturalizes and even pollution on natural products (sugar cane) which through the heating process in the manufacture of sugar destroying substances that are essential such as proteins, enzymes and organic acids such.

Honey contains elements of life including various minerals contained therein. Especially white sugar from cane juice from originally dark colored and contains minerals, in a process called defecation, these minerals ' stripped ' because if not then it will not be white sugar crystals.

Honey is the best sweetener from the group due to assimilated simple sugars in the body does not require strenuous activity digestion, simple sugars contained in abundance in honey. White sugar ( from sugar cane ) need to work hard on the digestive system and the hard work of the pancreas to produce insulin, the use of sugar cane to make continuous working ability of the pancreas decreased, which led to the disease diabetes.

The differences is what makes the inventor of insulin that is DR. Banting in 1929 had stated that " In the United States case of people with diabetes increases with the use of white sugar ( cane ), in the manufacture of cane sugar through a process of heating and crystallization something has changed and produce food that is dangerous for consumption ". This opinion is corroborated by other experts DR. Serge Veronoff scientifically stating that should the average human lifespan may reach 120 years if three can step away from food that is sugar, flour and salt.

Concerning the greatness of honey than sugar DR. Harvey W. Willey, elder chemist of the Department of Agricultural and Director of the Bureau of Foods, Sanitation and Health’s - USA in a letter to the American Honey Institute, among others reminded to carefully socialize honey, because if everyone knows the excess honey to sugar can cause problems another honey production is insufficient to meet all the needs of the population, the impact of honey prices will soar very high - so the honey is no longer a food / health are cheap and affordable.

You are fortunate to read this article and know the greatness of honey than sugar, it should replace all the food and drink menu you who have been using sugar with honey. Honey while not becoming too expensive goods to be purchased as feared by DR. The Willey.

Honey nutrition:

Honey contains 12.5 % water - 22 % of its weight (depending on the type of product. Example honey from Honey House classic type containing water + / -18 %; Type Gold + / -15 % and platinum type of approach 12.5 %) and the biggest is the monosaccharide composition in the form of glucose and fructose (75 % - 85 %). The rest is in a small percentage of sucrose, maltose and very important is what is referred to as phytochemicals from different plant species, depending on where the bees obtain their nectar to produce honey. Phytochemicals are natural chemicals common name biologically active plant derived.

Each plant has its phytochemicals alone and has special names depending on the plant. For example, tomatoes and watermelon produce lycopene, tea and onions produce quercetin, grape anthocyanins produce etc. These phytochemicals which include the active role that makes Honey has various medicinal properties.

Another reference source by the National Honey Board ( USA ) - honey generally contain the following :

Main Components of Honey Percentage ( + / - )
Water 17.1
fructose 38.5
glucose 31.0
sucrose 1.5
Maltose and other sugars reducer 7.2
Tri saccharine and other carbohydrates 4.2
Sub Total 99.5
Minority constituents including vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. 0.5
total 100

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Honey for Cough

Honey for Cough as Natural Medicine

Honey for Cough Toddler
In addition to functioning as a delicious natural sweetener, honey also contains nutrients that are good for health.

Studies conducted at Penn State College of Medicine found that honey can be used as an alternative medicine cough child safe and natural. If children drink honey before bed, coughing and trouble sleeping at night your child will be reduced.

So, honey is better than dextromethorphan, the content of which is commonly found in cough medicines. The results of this research has gained attention since the commission the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend the use of cough and cold medicines in excess in children under 6 years .

In addition to the properties is less effective, various cough and cold medicines could potentially cause side effects. If you have buckwheat honey, it is the best kind of honey for cough.

Special Note: It is recommended that honey not be given to children under 1 year. Why? The body’s immune system has not developed optimally, making it vulnerable to disease of botulism spores are found in some honey especially raw honey.

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Honey Cake Recipe

Healthy Honey Cake Recipe

Honey Cake Recipe
Ingredients :

    125 grams butter / butter
    125 grams of powdered sugar
    2 chicken eggs
    150 ml of milk
    175 grams of honey
    1 finely grated lemon rind
    325 grams of flour , sifted fine
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp ova let

For the garnish :

    200 ml milk shake / whip cream vegetable
    1 tsp orange essence
    150 slices of toasted almonds
    225 grams of refined sugar / icing sugar
    3-4 tbsp water
    red food coloring to taste

How to make:

cookie dough

    Beat the butter , sugar until smooth and pale ova let
    Add the eggs , beat until fluffy
    Combine milk , honey and grated orange peel
    Stir in the flour , baking soda and baking powder
    Pour the batter into the pan size of 20 cm that been oiled
    Bake in a 180 degree temperature for 1.5 hours
    refrigerate cake

Dough ornaments:

    Dissolve sugar with water until the liquid
    Whisk with whip cream , orange essence and food coloring
    Brush the surface of the cake with cream icing
    Roll the almond cake into chunks
    Ornamental according to taste

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Is Honey Healthy

Is Honey Healthy for Pregnant Woman?

Is Honey Healthy?
Pregnancy is a natural process that occurs in a married woman, and a very lucky mother are undergoing this process which is a favor from God, because a lot of the wives are with difficulty and in the anticipation of waiting for the growth of the fetus in her womb.

Some people still ask about is honey healthy for pregnant women? While many are recommend honey consumed by pregnant women, because honey is a complete source of vitamins. The recommended dosage is 3 tablespoons twice a day, either taken directly or mixed with water or tea water. In addition to drinking honey, pregnant women should supplement the nutritional needs of other foods. This is so that the pregnant woman and the fetus grow healthy and perfectly healthy.

For that pregnant women should consume various kinds of food are balanced and in sufficient quantities. Pregnant women should be fulfilled the needs iron to prevent anemia (derived from dark green vegetables, tofu, green beans, red beans and other legumes, eggs, fish, and meat). Enough calcium for bone growth (such as beans, eggs, anchovy / small fish eaten with bones, green leafy vegetables) and meet the need for folic acid and spinal nerve growth (derived from fruit and fresh vegetables, beans - beans and liver).

Then order the honey we consume guaranteed quality, and then we should have to know how to distinguish genuine honey (good quality) with non- native honey. Is as follows:

1. If we buy honey, honey that chooses not contain or only slightly foamy froth. But if we choose honey and so much froth honey bottle cap is opened popping sounds, then certainly already occurred in the honey fermentation, resulting in gas and froth (poor quality)

2. Pour honey into a cup that already contains water.
If the honey settles and the water remain clear first, then after mixing new water change color, the honey should be have good quality. But if the current water poured honey and honey color change does not settle, there is no possibility of genuine honey.

3. Buy honey that has been tested in the laboratory, certified by food control agencies.

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Honey Health Benefits

Honey Health Benefits – Anti Cancer

Honey Health Benefits for Cancer
Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Many people use the honey health benefits do attempt to treat this disease. And many people ask whether honey could be a cure for cancer? To become a cancer drug, honey may not be the right choice, because the nature of honey is as prevention of cancer or tumors. You could get honey health benefits as curative substances for cancer.
Dr. Ron Fessenden in Honey Revolution book describes the discovery of honey health benefit that caused by flavonoid. Bioflavonoids are known as antioxidants which have a great influence on the body. Bees have taken the quintessential flower to flower, honey containing flavones that are beneficial to humans as well.
When this antioxidant enters the body, this substance will increase the levels of antioxidants in the cells, decrease capillary permeability and prevent it from fragility. Also this honey health benefits is captures oxidant substances and inhibits the body's collagen damage.
The efficacy of these agents to eliminate free radicals in the body is very strong. Drug companies investing millions of dollars by to make large-scale synthetic flavonoid. But we could get this substances and get honey health benefits by consume honey regularly. 
Consider switching to a healthy diet for your long-term health and get the honey benefits. Maybe you will not feel a change overnight, but you'll feel it in the long run. You will be protected from various diseases including cancer.
However, preventing a disease is better than cure. Unfortunately in modern times this fast-paced, most people prefer the instant Segal. As ways of eliminating excess weight quickly, they consume diet pills, liposuction, or also to excessive fasting is to starve.
Perhaps in the short term, their weight will go down. But this unnatural process, it will usually carry side effects because the body is forced to do something beyond the biological rhythm. In addition, the diet pills customarily have unfavorable effects on body organs, especially when used over the recommended dose.
In terms of food, people prefer modern foods classified as fast food. These kinds of foods are usually contains the spices and preservatives additives. This will make this food have a carcinogens potential that would lead to cancer in our body. To reduce this effect, you can consume honey regularly and feel the honey health benefits in the future.
To keep your health for a long term, change your lifestyle. It is very good to start consuming natural organic food now. Get honey health benefits for your everyday sweetener, use honey instead of sugar for your healthy life.

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Local Honey

Local Honey for Allergies – Natural Remedy

Local Honey for Allergy
For somebody who experiences with allergic reactions, they could enjoy the actual arrival associated with spring as well as summer. Instead of, playing within the sunshine as well as reveling within the return associated with grass as well as leaves in order to trees. Watering itchy eye, scratchy neck, runny nasal area and head aches are just some of the seasonal allergic reactions that might plague the actual chronic allergic reaction sufferer.

Most people will find antihistamines to manage their signs and symptoms, but modern medicine always give some side effect for your body. The other solution is about revving upward your defense mechanisms for an additional boost associated with protection.

Eating lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and entire grains provides the body with nutritional vitamins and antioxidants that really help your entire body to battle off things that trigger allergies and periodic illnesses.

New research suggest us local honey for allergies treatment to assist build defenses to allergens. Honey offers touted immunity-boosting properties for a long time. Honey has been given new attention like a healthy way to develop fight to allergens.

Theoretically, works just like a vaccine; along with vaccines, your body is exposed in order to low doses of the dead virus in order that it will develop a resistance towards the disease. While using local honey for allergies, the items of pollen as well as plant contaminants from nearby plants can develop a resistance towards the allergens. Because of the bees which work difficult harvesting nectar from all of the plants which are blooming, their honey can offer a natural method to combat individuals pesky allergic reactions while providing your tasty treatment.

This local honey for allergies treatment, have difficulties while finding the appropriate honey in local supermarket and striking the honey aisle. Very first, it should be unfiltered as well as unprocessed raw honey. In additional words it will still end up being 100% natural honey. Then, it should be honey from local honey farmer.

While the actual honey in your supermarket shelf might have pollen as well as allergens inside it, they are most likely from additional geographic regions as well as your body is going to be working to construct a opposition to vegetation and trees that you might never observe or odor.

For the best results within building your defense mechanisms against allergens, search for local honey inside your natural meals stores - as well as better, in a local honey farmers market. Ask questions concerning the honey. When you find an excellent local honey, you may go home using them reward of the delicious as well as healthy method to combat allergic reactions. By using local honey for allergies treatment, fighting allergies is so fairly tasty.

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Clover Honey

Benefits of Clover Honey for Your Stomach

Clover Honey for Ulcer
Clover Honey is one type of honey that produced by bees from the nectar of flowers clover. It is known that honey rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Research shows, the best honey is derived from clover flowers, as in clover honey.

Clover Honey benefits:
• Launching the digestive system, treating constipation and heartburn / gastric ulcer
• Increases the absorption of nutrients in the digestive
• Maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria in the digestive
• as a source of energy.
• Sugar substitutes are safe for diabetics.
• dilute phlegm
• watery or purulent wounds heal, because clover honey is hygroscopic (absorbs water). It is also simply by applying Clover Honey to the wound surface.

For your toddler, when first consumption, simply apply once on the lips, if fit and no allergies then be followed by giving 1 teaspoon, once in 1 day. It could be mixed with water or straight, depending on taste. After the match, could add up to 1 teaspoon 3 times per day.

As for adults, the first time you consume one tablespoon a day, after the match, consume 3 times daily, 1 tablespoon. When mixed with water, do not mix with hot water so as not to damage the structure of its honey. Use water at room temperature, or slightly warm.

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Honey Bee Extractor

Advantages of Using Honey Bee Extractor for Farmers

Honey Bee Extractor Benefits
Honey bees have long been known to humans as a source of food
good natural, unequaled for young and old. Honey bee is produces honey, a natural grace amazing because efficacy it has. Honey bees also produce beeswax, propolis, or bee glue, milk, honey or “royal jelly” and manna (honeydew).
Manna is defined as food from heaven as delicious. Beeswax is the most excellent and produced by worker bees from four pairs of glands located on the side of the lower abdomen, the peak secretion of the beeswax was when the two week old worker bees. One colony of bees consume about 10 pounds of honey to make 1 kg of the evening which serves to accommodate containers of honey, and in the process to make a perfect nest takes 3 months.
Therefore beekeepers extract the honey making honey bee extractor, the completed and harvested honey, can be used again by the bees to store honey container place.

Honey harvesting tool, honey bee extractor, is quite expensive because it is made of materials that anti- rust and the harvesting process more simple and efficient, tool. This highly profitable harvesting honeys beekeepers although for they are expensive to buy but economically this tool will benefit the breeders.
These advantages can be due to a beehive in which already contains honey no longer need to be changed shape to take the honey as the manual method is by way of blackmail that would destroy the nest and lead nest formation will be carried back by the bees so that the process honey production will take longer.
How to remove the honey from the hive is by installing nest
Honey that has been filled to the honeycomb house / tuning tools that exist in this which then will rotate thus releasing the honey from the hive without destroy the nest so that the back can be used again by the bees to production again. Thus the business of harvesting honey can be shortened 3 months to 1 month.
In the honeymoon period 1 that can be generated from one hive of honey bees around 2 kg of honey, then within 3 months will be as much as 6 kg of honey results were obtained in which the market is now the price of 1 kg of honey, then in 3 months, the next benefit will be obtained and it was only produced from one nest. Thus the making of honey bee extractor tool will be very beneficial to increase productivity even beekeepers.

So far, after harvesting the honey bee process, local people throw crop residues nest of honey bees and pollen. And this became the raw material. Preparation of bee’s wax (bees wax) that has many functions and usability. For example candles for aromatherapy, cosmetics raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials etc.

To increase bee keeper’s income, the farmers could trained in how to make candles honey bees (beeswax), so that the nest had been finally disposed of economic value.

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Honey Extractor

Introducing Honey Extractor  

Honey Extractor Plan
The honey collected in the part of beehive that named as honey super. Normally, eight till ten frames were filled in the honey supers. Honey bees collect nectar in the honeycomb of a frame. Beekeeper takes honey supers from the hives and extracting the honey when the supers are full. Just before winterizing the hive, this will takes place in the fall.

A rotating wire basket installed in a drum of honey extractor. The uncapped combs are put in the basket and then beekeeper turns the basket manually by hand or automatically with aid of a motor. Because of centrifuge force, the honey will file out from the combs on to the sides of drum.

Below are two common process to extract honey using honey extractor when harvest time coming.

Frames Preparation

To get the frames from the hive to the honey extractor, beekeeper will need certain equipment. The standard equipment that used while harvest: Helmet or hat and veil, gloves, a bee suit, etc. Other tools that needed while honey harvesting is a smoker and hive tool, a hammer, trash bag, a wheel barrow, a sheet of plywood to cover empty hive bodies and frame gripper.

Pick the supers from the hives and moved to the honey extractor area. The important thing is to get the frames to the extracting are without disturb the bees and then getting a honey room full of bees. For this purpose, the bees need to be lightly smoked.

Before loosened each super as well, loosening the hive top with the hive tool and hammer carefully. The honey ready to process on the honey extractor after the supers are collected and taken to the honey house.

Extracting Process

Some equipment need by beekeeper while extracting honey proceed. Main equipment while honey extracting is, an uncapping tank, a five gallon plastic bucket, an electric knife, a spatula, some wets rags and the honey extractor itself.

To keep the floor clean and tidy after the process, put the old newspapers. Also put plastic sheets down before, to keep honey on the floor of your honey house.

Move the frames in the wheelbarrow to the uncapping tank. It is better to place the tank short as possible to the honey extractor, it will very helpful. Keep the distances shortly possible while you need to move the honey from one place to another.

When the frames are uncapped, they go into honey extractor and the honey will removed. Then the extracted honey will run through a strainer from the honey extractor into the bucket. Clean up the honey on the sides of the honey extractor by scraped it with the spatula. Now, honey ready to bottling and then clean up.

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Honey Mask
Honey Nutrition
Honey for Acne

Honey for Acne

Using Honey for Acne Treatment

Honey for Acne Treatment
If you’ve got a lot of acne or acne scars on the face, of course you will try every way to make pimples and scars soon disappear from the face. Nature has provided the best remedy for curing acne and skin beauty care.

You can clean the skin holistically using natural products and healthy foods. One of the natural products that can be used to treat facial acne as well as enhance and tighten facial skin is honey. Honey for acne treatment is being the best choice for you.

Honey face mask could used to get rid of acne; acne scars, and reduces redness and irritation caused by acne. Honey contains natural healing properties consisting of enzymes, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties that can help cleanse the skin.

In addition, honey is an excellent natural moisturizer. Honey can also reduce excess oil on the skin. Face mask made
​​of honey is very good for people who have sensitive skin. 2-3 times a week using honey for acne face mask, not only will reduce acne and scars, but it will also make the skin glow.

Here are tips using honey for acne and scars treatment:
1. Use bandanas to prevent my hair to the face area before using a face mask of honey.
2. Remove all make-up and wash your face with a mild soap and warm water before use honey mask.
3. Pour a tablespoon of raw honey in a small bowl. If you like, you can warm the honey in the microwave for 10 seconds before using it.
4. Apply honey to use applicator or fingers that have previously been cleared. Apply honey with a thick layer all over the face area. Let the honey attached to the face for 15 minutes to an hour.
5. To eliminate honey mask, apply a small towel that has been dampened with warm water to the face. Repeat this process until all the honey is really clean from the face.

You can use the honey for acne mask 2-3 times a week to get the best result.

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Honey Nutrition

Honey Nutrition Facts

Honey Nutrition Facts
Honey is a miracle food product of the nature that has been used since a long time. Even now, the benefits of honey is still used and favored by many people as a source of nutritious food. Nutrition honey contains many vitamins and minerals that are very useful for human health. For this reason the human use of honey for a variety of purposes, such as drug and cosmetic ingredient mixture.

Honey bees get nectar from its host plant flowers to produce honey. In addition to producing honey, bees it also plays an important role in the pollination process in plants. The bees will help bring pollen and pistil, so that pollination will occur as a series of regeneration of many plant species. Without the help of bees, many plants will go extinct because the regeneration process will stop when the pollination does not occur.

Honey bees will take nectar from flowers and mix it with enzymes to form a unique chemical composition of honey. Nectar itself is composed of sucrose and water. Sucrose will be converted into fructose and glucose, while the water in the nectar is useful to replace the fluid in the body that issued bees during their activities.

Details of Honey Nutrition

In each spoon tablespoon of honey can produce about 64 calories of energy to fuel the fuel used to working muscles in everyday activities. In general, honey has an average composition of simple carbohydrates by 82.4 %, 17.1 % water, 0.5 % protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to make up 100 %. In 38.5 % carbohydrate sweetening agent composition containing glucose 31 % and the remaining 12.9 % adal maltose, sucrose and other sugars. Each 100g honey contains 0 calories g 0 % total fat, 0 g 0 % saturated fat, 0 mg 0 % cholesterol, 4 mg 0 % Sodium, 82 g carbohydrates, 0 g dietary fiber, 82 g sugar, 0 % 0 g protein, 0 % Vitamin A, 0 % Vitamin C, 2 % Iron, Calcium 0 %. Vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, panthotenic acids and certain amino acids are also found in honey. Minerals contained in honey are copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and zinc.
Honey nutrition facts on the data is not the same for each type of honey, this is just a general overview of the existing composition of the honey. The composition of honey on each will depend on the type of flower, type of soil, weather conditions or season when the bees take nectar from flowers. Honey with the highest mineral content and levels of iron and has a lot more, they look darker.
Manuka honey nutrition facts are similar to other types of honey. But manuka honey contains an additional factor that is antibacterial agents and antioxidants commonly known as UMF. Nutrient content of typical manuka honey, manuka tree derived from flowers and Kanuka famous for their therapeutic properties.
Honey is the best alternative from a natural sweetener that is free of cholesterol, fat, and sodium. Honey also comes with natural vitamins. Sugar is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, but honey is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream produces better digestion. The glycemic index is used to measure this. Foods with a high glycemic will increase the release of insulin in our body and stimulates the pancreas to metabolize the sugar glucose into the blood. Consuming these foods on an ongoing basis can lead to many digestive complaints and diabetes. Based on the facts above honey nutrition, better and safer for your family to reduce the consumption of sugar and replace it with honey.

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Honey Mask

Eliminate Acne and scars with Honey Masks

Honey Mask for Acne Treatment
If you’ve got a lot of acne or acne scars on the face, of course you will try every way to make pimples and scars soon disappear from the face.
Nature has provided the best remedy for curing acne and skin beauty care.
You can clean the skin holistically using natural products and healthy foods.
One of the natural products that can be used to treat facial acne as well as enhance and tighten facial skin is honey.

Honey can be used as a face mask to get rid of acne; acne scars, and reduces redness and irritation caused by acne. Honey contains natural healing properties consisting of enzymes, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial properties that can help cleanse the skin.
In addition, honey is an excellent natural moisturizer. Honey can also reduce excess oil on the skin. Face mask made ​​of honey is very good for people who have sensitive skin.2-3 times a week using honey as a face mask, not only will reduce acne and scars, but it will also make the skin glow.
Here are tips using honey as a face mask to get rid of acne and scars: 

1. Use bandanas to prevent my hair to the face area before using a face mask of honey.
2. Remove all make-up and wash your face with a mild soap and warm water before use honey mask.
3. Pour a tablespoon of pure honey that is still raw in a small bowl. If you like, you can warm the raw honey in the microwave for 10 seconds before using it.
4. Apply honey to use applicator or fingers that have previously been cleared. Apply honey with a thick layer all over the face area. Let the honey attached to the face for 15 minutes to an hour.
5. To eliminate honey, apply a small towel that has been dampened with warm water to the face. Repeat this process until all the honey is really clean from the face.
You can use the honey mask 2-3 times a week for the best result.

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Honey Cinnamon

Honey Cinnamon Mask for Facial Acne Treatment 2

Honey Cinnamon Mask
The benefits of honey for facial acne following is one of the benefits of honey to restore your face from acne problems that can clean as before. Honey is very good for our skin, do not be surprised if a lot of people now who used honey for beauty treatments, especially to get rid of acne.

Having acne is very disturbing appearance. We are so insecure and not confident anymore when spots acne spots adorn the face even if you do not ever squeeze pimples with your finger or fingernail. Feared it would aggravate acne because there are germs or bacteria on the fingernails or hands.

Benefits of using Honey Cinnamon for Facial Acne

By using ingredients honey, we're going to make a mask for acne skin care. With a combination of cinnamon and honey, a mask is proven to eradicate acne. But keep in mind, if your skin is sensitive, you should try this little mask on other body parts before using it on the face. You can also reduce the dose of cinnamon powder, 1 teaspoon enough alone. Go see how to make it as quoted from the following steps.

Prepare about 3 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder. The first step, mix honey and cinnamon powder into a container in heat-resistant or made
​​of glass. Then stir until thickened and well blended. Furthermore, heat the ingredients for about 30 seconds in the microwave.  If there is no microwave, you can boil water in a small saucepan, then soak the container mask in it (but remember not to take in water). After that, stir up more liquid mask.
After a cold mask, you can rub it on the face that has been cleaned.  Allow the mask against the face for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse using cold water and pat dry your face with a clean towel. If your skin is not sensitive, then you can use this mask every day.

Quite simple and easy is not it? By using natural materials are relatively safer than the use of chemicals. In addition to eliminating acne, you can also try the benefits of honey to moisturize the skin. So what are you waiting? Good luck with the benefits of honey cinnamon for natural facial acne!

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