Honey New Zealand – Special Honey from Manuka Flowers

Honey Bee
Honey Benefits - Honey New Zealand - Honey New Zealand is popular as Manuka Honey, made by bees that feed off flowers of the manuka and kanuka tree. These trees are the tea version of New Zealand.

This country is known for its distinctive flora and fauna. Thus, the country and its rich island landscape is an extraordinary source for active manuka honey. What’s interesting is that a high percentage of New Zealand’s wild flora is unique to the country. This makes it a good source for bees to produce the best quality of honey New Zealand.

Honey New Zealand where produce by beekeepers that placed their hives in wild uncultivated areas during which manuka and kanuka bushes grow. The honey New Zealand creating method is enriched by the pollution free surroundings of recent this country.

Glucose oxidase, is an enzyme for antibacterial properties that could found within most of honey. Activity of this enzyme causes the slow release of anti-infective agent, hydrogen peroxide. In Honey New Zealand, hydrogen peroxide is release much higher than other type of honey. These properties have anti-infective activities against bacteria, fungus and also other microorganism.

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is a standard measurement to describe the level of antibacterial properties within this honey New Zealand. This properties comes from the manuka and kanuka flowers, the tea tree version of New Zealand, that deposited in the manuka honey by the bees

Honey New Zealand also contains high levels of methylglyoxal that is believed to have anti-infective and anti-cancer properties. These advantages made the honey New Zealand have been using for centuries to treat internal and external illnesses.

Honey New Zealand is categorized as a health benefits of honey if only certified to have levels of UMF in the 5+ range. This certificate is release by The Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), the official organization of manuka Honey Producers. Only guaranteed and have high levels of UMF products that are certified by AMHA.

Some of honey New Zealand carrying the UMF trademark is guaranteed to have a lowest activity of 5. Some Manuka honey is much higher in UMF, they giving the greater activity of anti-bacterial.

Certified honey New Zealand, will have a distinctive taste, smell and appearance. They will look a deep amber color and have a floral smell that similar with the flower of manuka or kanuka tree. After processed be other products like lotions, cream, or body care, they will also have some of the properties and unique fragrance of honey New Zealand.

When you buy the honey New Zealand in the market, make sure to take only the UMF certified honey New Zealand and get all of the health benefits of this natural food.

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