Make your own Honey and Onion Cough Syrup

Honey And Onion Cough Syrup
Honey And Onion Cough Syrup

Onion is a strong friend during cold and classic among home remedies. Onions have an antibacterial effect and you can make your own effective cough syrup from a combination of onions with honey.

So you make your own Honey and Onion Cough Syrup at your home with a simple way. First, peel the onion, cut into small pieces, and put the pieces into a glass or cup. Then pour two tablespoons of liquid honey onto it. For vegan varieties or if there is no home honey, sugar or other vegan honey alternatives are also appropriate. Leave it all for a few hours, or preferably overnight. Then pour the resulting liquid.

This is your own homemade Honey and Onion Cough Syrup, which you can drink several times a day. Maybe you ask yourself, "onion juice to cough? Does not it taste that disgusting?" The real taste can be offset by honey or sugar and sweet sugar.

Onion as an herbal home remedy for coughing - try it! This herb is home remedies for your family cough solution - make your own cough syrup. There are many home remedies for garlic, sage, thyme or ginger.
Onion juice is one of many home remedies for cough. In addition, garlic, ginger, sage and salt water are considered as natural home remedies and effective for colds.

Especially the thyme and plantains that help fight the cough. Thyme is bronchial, cough and antibacterial. You can also use thyme oil as a sore throat mouthwash.Pour thyme leaves or ribs into tea or boil into syrup. It is believed to treat dental pain, stimulate the immune system and have antibacterial effects; in addition, the plant positively affects the mucous membrane structure.

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